Repairing Exchange Discovery Mailboxes

I went to perform a Discovery Search on our Exchange 2010 server for the first time since installing the server. Naturally, there was a problem. When trying to create a search using the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) the response was an error and the search could not be saved. My first thought was to make sure the arbitration accounts were setup and had the correct permissions. So, in the Exchange Management Shell I ran the command get-user -arbitration which showed the system mailboxes []

How to edit client permissions in Exchange 2010

Aside from the GUI Exchange 2010 gives you two ways to assign client permissions — the permissions that dictate what end-users or clients can do — to Public Folders. One is a Powershell command that will apply permissions to a single folder. The other is a Powershell script that will apply permissions to a single folder and all subfolders. Command to add client permission to single folder: Add-PublicFolderClientPermission -User ‘mydomain\jchaven’ -AccessRights ‘Reviewer’ -Identity ‘\Management\Former Employee Mailboxes\John Doe\Calendar’ -Server ‘servername.mydomain.local’ Powershell script to []