Use 7-Zip to install ISO files

Challenge: You download an ISO (like Office 2010 from Microsoft) but, cannot install it because your computer doesn’t have a CD-ROM. Solution: Use 7-Zip to extract the contents to a folder and install from there. Note: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 can mount ISOs to virtual CD drives natively but, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 cannot. However, Microsoft has created a utility to enable this functionality which can be downloaded from here:

Using Microsoft Access for ETL

Challenge: Taking information out of MS SQL Server database and putting it into MySQL database – de-normalized for reporting (without spending a fortune). Tentative Solution: Use Microsoft Access to bridge the divide with linked tables, pass-through queries, and append queries. Create a simple “make-table” query in MS Access to query SQL Server and make a local table. This query will later be changed to an “update-table” query. Hint: add a constraint (or add a “top x”) to limit your data – you []

Importance of monitoring

One day we noticed our Internet just wasn’t what we were used to. Although no-one was complaining we in the IT department were feeling it whenever we downloaded a large file like a Microsoft ISO. Fortunately, we had setup Cacti — a MRTG/RRD monitoring solution. A quick look at Cacti showed we were only getting about 3Mbs of Internet: Our Internet provider supplies us with a portal in which we can see our usage. Comparing our graph with their graph confirmed a []

Search for a type of file in Windows 7

Challenge: You want to find all files of a certain type (like pictures or music) in Windows 7. Solution: Use Windows Search Filters. Search filters are a feature in Windows 7 that make searching for files by their properties (such as by author or by file size) much easier. You can even stack filters to narrow down the results: Additional information: Microsoft

How to copy path AND filename in Windows 7

In order to share a file using UNC names you have to join together the file’s name and the file’s location or path. In Windows XP this meant clicking on the file as if to rename it and copy the name then click in the Address bar and paste the name at the end of the path. It is a small inconvenience but, an inconvenience none the less. At first glance it appears this shortcoming was carried over in Windows 7. Hold []

Blank Control Panel

Problem: Control Panel on Windows 7 is empty. Fix: Using Task Manager kill explorer.exe (all if more than one exist) and start a New Task (on Applications tab) typing “explorer.exe”.

How to permanently disable Shadow in Windows 7

Out of the box Windows 7 adds a Shadow around all windows whether active or not. In most cases this enhances the display and makes it easier to focus on the active window. However, in some cases it can be distracting or you just don’t like it and want to remove it. The first thing you need to do (and probably tried) is to change the Visual Effects under Performance Options like so: go into System Properties and click the Settings… button []

How to edit client permissions in Exchange 2010

Aside from the GUI Exchange 2010 gives you two ways to assign client permissions — the permissions that dictate what end-users or clients can do — to Public Folders. One is a Powershell command that will apply permissions to a single folder. The other is a Powershell script that will apply permissions to a single folder and all subfolders. Command to add client permission to single folder: Add-PublicFolderClientPermission -User ‘mydomain\jchaven’ -AccessRights ‘Reviewer’ -Identity ‘\Management\Former Employee Mailboxes\John Doe\Calendar’ -Server ‘servername.mydomain.local’ Powershell script to []

Restore VMware Network Access

Problem: VMware Server running on Windows XP Pro desktop PC. Suddenly cannot access VM from network and VM cannot access network (no ping, no Internet, no nothin’). Fix: Bind network adapter for VM to correct nic on PC.


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