Copy filename and path from Office

You can copy to the clipboard the full filename, including the path, of the current document in Microsoft Office applications. This is helpful in increasing productivity since you do not have to open Windows Explorer then hunt down your file and copy the path from there (by holding down the SHIFT key – even MORE work!!)

In the Office application, in this case Excel, click on the File tab:

In the Info section the document name is displayed with the document’s location displayed right below it. This line is clickable. When clicked on you get the option to copy the link location to the clipboard:


How to copy path AND filename in Windows 7

In order to share a file using UNC names you have to join together the file’s name and the file’s location or path. In Windows XP this meant clicking on the file as if to rename it and copy the name then click in the Address bar and paste the name at the end of the path. It is a small inconvenience but, an inconvenience none the less. At first glance it appears this shortcoming was carried over in Windows 7.

Hold down the Shift key and then right-click on the file. A new option in the context menu is available named “Copy as path”. This will copy the path and file name adding quotes around the address. You can then paste the address anywhere you need it.

Context menu in Windows 7