Google humor: shut your piehole!

I was reading the documentation for using Google’s Chart features – specifically the how to create a donut chart documentation. It was all pretty routine boring documentation until the last sentence.

These little jokes are one thing I have always liked about Google! For what’s worth I am probably not going to use Google Charts. I had an internal app that used Google Charts to generate a QR code. Unfortunately, Google decided to stop supporting the generation of QR codes and have deprecated this feature. It looks like I am going to go with Flot.


Block Google ads in AdBlock Plus

Recently, it has come to light that the developers of the super popular Firefox plugin AdBlock Plus have been taking money by some sites to exempt their ads from being blocked. Probably, the most notable contributor to the plugin developers is Google. The reasons and ramifications have been discussed on several sites like TechCrunch, The Verge, and at Search Engine Watch.

Fortunately, this behavior can be reversed by changing the settings in the AdBlock Plus plugin. The following depicts how:

That’s it! Browsing bliss restored.

It is easy to get angry that such a useful plugin is being eroded due to companies with deep pockets but, we (me and you) have to ask ourselves “how much did we pay for the plugin?” It would not surprise me if in a couple of years the option to block the whitelisted ads will disappear. However, it is my hope that there will be an option to donate to a small amount (5.00 – 10.00 per year) to enable to ability to block whitelisted ads.