Fullshot tip: reassign Hotkeys

I have been using Fullshot from Inbit for years and one thing that always got under my skin was not being able to remember the hotkey combination for certain types of captures. It would be really cool if you could hover over the “SWORD” buttons to get a hint with the Hotkey but, you cannot.

However, I have found one way to remember the hotkey combination is to reassign the hotkeys to match the SWORD order for the buttons. In other words 1 = S, 2 = W, 3 = O, and so on. To change the key assignments in Fullshot go to Options > Capture Settings…

Now, all I have to do is count to the letter I want. For example, if I want to capture the Region, I count to the “R” in “SWORD” which is 4. Therefore, the hotkey combination is CTRL+4