Add Exchange account to Outlook Mail App

Microsoft has updated the Outlook Mail App (at least for Android) and broke the connection for Exchange accounts. If you already had an Exchange account you’ll likely find it no-longer synchronizes with Exchange.

Furthermore, if you attmept to delete and re-add the account you’ll find you cannot select a type of account to add (or so it seems).

You can still use the Outlook app to check Exchange mailboxes. You just have to know the trick!

  1. Tap the Gear icon to open the Settings window:
  2. Tap Add Account:
  3. Then select Add an email account at bottom of screen:
  4. The app will automatically find accounts on the device and select them to add. Unselect the accounts you don’t want added and then tap Add Account at bottom of screen:
  5. At this point the app will prompt for an email address. It will use this to create an IMAP account (we don’t want this). Enter email address and tap Continue
  6. Here is the trick! Tap the ? icon:
  7. At the bottom of the screen will be additional options. Tap Change account provider:
  8. Now, you can tap Exchange to create an Exchange account:
  9. You’ll likely need to enter additional information like server name, domain, etc. To do this enable Advanced Settings:
  10. Enter any needed information and tap the check-mark icon
  11. The Outlook Mail App will attempt to connect…
  12. … and if successful you should be able to view your Exchange mailbox:

These screenshots came off my Kindle Fire tablet. However, the same problem was overcome on a Lenovo 10″ tablet using these instructions.


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