IIS: Cannot add duplicate collection entry

Running IIS 7.5 (Windows 7) on a development machine when I visit a site I have been working on and get the following error: What?!? This was working just the other day and I hadn’t changed anything on this site. In fact, this site is just a vanilla WordPress site used for documentation. Other than a child theme there is no coding work done here. So, I open up IIS and attempt to view the properties for this site and I am []

Yes, 4G hotspot works when call received

This is a quick video I made to show that while using the hotspot feature on a Verizon HTC Incredible 4G phone you can still browse the Internet when a phone call is received. We’ve got an employee who is adamant that this is does not work. Turns out the problem my user had was with an iPhone 5. We’re a Windows shop and he insisted on getting an iPhone. Related articles Iphone 5 Hotspot Problem (discussions.apple.com) Verizon iPhone hotspot feature headed []

How to re-enable Recovery Media creation on Lenovo T530

I had to restore a Lenovo T530 laptop running Windows 8 back to Windows 7. I tried to use the recovery media that I put on an SD card but, the laptop couldn’t boot from the SD card. So, I decided I would just recreate the recovery media using DVDs. I went to another T530 laptop running Windows 7 to create the recovery media but, was presented with the following message: You can have only one copy of the Microsoft Windows operating []

Fullshot tip: reassign Hotkeys

I have been using Fullshot from Inbit for years and one thing that always got under my skin was not being able to remember the hotkey combination for certain types of captures. It would be really cool if you could hover over the “SWORD” buttons to get a hint with the Hotkey but, you cannot. However, I have found one way to remember the hotkey combination is to reassign the hotkeys to match the SWORD order for the buttons. In other words []

Repairing Exchange Discovery Mailboxes

I went to perform a Discovery Search on our Exchange 2010 server for the first time since installing the server. Naturally, there was a problem. When trying to create a search using the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) the response was an error and the search could not be saved. My first thought was to make sure the arbitration accounts were setup and had the correct permissions. So, in the Exchange Management Shell I ran the command get-user -arbitration which showed the system mailboxes []